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  小编物语:Snow is a symbol of winter, there is no snow days, the count is Not a real winter.



  Ask the locals when is the best time to visit the Forbidden City, majority of them will tell you the winter. Covered in snow, the majesty of this grand palace is rather enhanced, and becomes more awe-inspiring.


  From the bottom of my heart,I had to admire the great natural. By the same hydrogen and oxygen are two elements of the material, if it is merged into the rivers, lakes, sea, or in the air of loitering worth, but can become a kind of white hexagonal crystals, a piece of riding Wind, quietly falling down, as if from another world. More than light rain, fog and transparent; romantic but not sensational, and not lingering artificial, but not naive innocent, falling in the free and easy shows.


  Beijing's cold winter, dry and cold of the dry and cold, windy, sitting inside listening to high-rise building, as if serious Guikulanghao general. However, if only so, it is also a lot of money in winter, late autumn is just a continuation of it. Only ushered in the first snow, snow will be Pian Pian hanging branches of leaves completely cleared, will be suspended dust particles in the air pressure buried in the ground, the fall will be all without any idea of impetuous feelings coagulation, Beijing's winter will come true.

  北京的冬季很冷,干冷干冷的,还刮风,坐在高层建筑内聆听,严重时犹如鬼哭狼嚎一般。但是倘若只是如此,那也算不得冬季的,那只是深秋的一个延续罢了。只有迎来了第一场雪,片片雪花将枝头吊着的叶片彻底清理干净,将悬浮在空中的灰尘颗粒压埋在地上,将秋的一切毫无头绪的浮躁的心情凝固的时候,北京的冬季 便真正来到了。


  At one of the most stunning mountains of China, see the four wonders ancient pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs, and see the sunrise. When the snow settles on all these, the real charm of Mt.Huangshan emerges.


  作为中国最著名的奇山之一,黄山以其四绝 奇松,怪石,云海,温泉 以及美丽的日落景色吸引了无数游客的前来。但当皑皑白雪覆盖黄山每一寸土地时,它那美妙的身姿却是前所未有的清新与迷人。


  The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2009, started from 5th January lasting for nearly 3 months, is definitely the highlight and must-go of a winter tour to China. Every year, artists from around the world will gather in China's northern city Harbin to create a fantasy of ice, snow, and fireworks. There will be literally an ice city created for the festival. Tens of thousands tons of ice and snow will be used to construct buildings and restaurants in life sizes, and thousands of ice and snow sculptures will be created.


  2009年哈尔滨国际冰雪节从一月五日开幕,一直持续了三个月。而它也毫无疑问成为了 中国冬之旅 的亮点和必行地。每年的这个时候,来自世界各地的艺术家们都会聚集在哈尔滨 这个位于中国北部的,以冰雪著称的城市 给人们带来一场由冰雪,焰火组成的视觉盛宴。这确实是一场名副其实的冰雪盛宴,成千上万吨的冰雪被艺术家们用他们的奇思妙想建造成了各种建筑物。这些同现实生活中的建筑物尺寸相仿的 冰屋 们绝对会让你震撼不已。除此之外,那些栩栩如生的冰雕们也绝对能让你睁大眼球。

  At the Ice City, see the splendid ice carvings, ice lanterns, ski in ski resort, and join the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which is held annually in January, lasting around a month.

  在 冰城 哈尔滨,你不仅可以看到各种美妙绝伦的冰雕,冰灯,还可去各种滑雪场滑雪。所以快来加入哈尔滨国际冰雪节吧!每逢一月开幕,不容错过的一月!


  What can be more exiting for shopping when the brands you love are at half price or less? The winter Christmas sales in Hong Kong is in-no-doubt the paradise for your hunting on luxury brand clothing, jewelries, and electronic devices.


  当你能用半价甚至更少的钱买到这种名牌时,还有什么比疯狂购物更重要的事呢? 香港冬季圣诞展卖会 绝对是你搜罗这种奢侈名牌服饰,珠宝和电子产品的绝佳天堂。

  Enjoy a fine winter in Hong Kong. No typhoon or freezing weather to worry about, during the Christmas holiday, the local people go all out with their decorations, the colours and tinsel are just mesmerizing, they attend the amazing Winterfest and taste crazy shopping there, may you join in? We recommend a Hongkong winter tours for you.

  来香港享受一个绝妙的冬天吧!在这里,你不用担心台风,寒冷。圣诞假期期间,这里万人空巷。盛装出行的当地人在闪耀的霓虹灯的包围中,尽情享受着 冬季嘉年华 的迷人魅力。你愿意加入他们疯狂购物的行列吗?我们由衷向您推荐 香港冬之旅 。