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  Friends, hello!

  Now our already arrived the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot southernregion strategic place soup mouth. First introduces the HuangshanMountain scenery in here to you the survey.

  Huangshan Mountain, is located south the Chinese Anhui Province, isthe Chinese Nanling sierra the part, entire mountain areaapproximately 1,200 square kilometers. The Huangshan Mountain mountainsystem center-section, is Huangshan Mountain's essence are partial,also Huangshan Mountain scenic spot which must tour on us, areaapproximately 154 square kilometers. It within the boundaries ofHuangshan Mountain city, south neighbour She county, Huizhou area,Xiuning County and Yi Xian, north continually yellow mountainous area;These five counties, the area also all belong to the HuangshanMountain city jurisdiction.

  Huangshan Mountain in Chinese Tang Dynasty before is called themountain, is the black appearance, because on the mountain therock blue black is blue black, the ancient gives it such name. Thefable we Chinese race's ancestor shaft Yellow Emperor in completes thearea south of Yellow River to unify after industry, founds the Chinesecivilization, arrives here to pick the medicine to build up Dan, takesa bath in the hot spring, thus obtains enlightenment the immortal.Tang Dynasty renowned Emperor Ming Huangli the prosperous baseextremely will believe this view, (747 years) has gotten downtogether the imperial edict in Day Valuable six years, the mountain willchange name Huangshan Mountain. The meaning is, this mountain isYellow Emperor's mountain. From then on, Huangshan Mountain this nameone until now.

  The friends, you are not far thousand, even Wan Lidao here, must lookat Huangshan Mountain with own eyes the America? Not is must feel atime of life to be joyful? Yes, Huangshan Mountain is certainlybeautiful certainly beautiful, may say the day wonderful mountain, canascend a height to get a broad view it, has a look it with own eyes,truly is a life big happy event. Before the very long long time, inthe long geologic history generation, the nature infinite strength,has molded the Huangshan Mountain that certainly beautiful elegantdemeanour and all sorts of unusual landscapes very much, makes onefall, is elated.

  Huangshan Mountain's America, first on beautifully in its high peak.Here competes Xiu, Feng Feng expresses admiration, respectively hasthe characteristic, each charm. The Huangshan Mountain high peak hashow many, but also does not have an accurate numeral. In the historysuccessively names has 36 big peaks, 36 small peaks, recent years alsohad 10 famous peaks to be selected "the Huangshan Mountain Will". Thismore than 80 mountain peaks high overwhelming majority above theelevation kilometer, lotus flower peak is all highest (1,864 meters),the light goes against is next (1,841 meters), the day all peak rankOld Three (1829.5 meters), these three big peaks and the graceful bearingoutstanding beginning letter peak (1,683 meters), are HuangshanMountain's friends, even if mounts in these four high peaks, alsocalculated No Empty This 行.

  Under, I "four certainly" separately make again Huangshan Mountain anintroduction.

  Said Huangshan Mountain "four certainly", arranges at first working asis the wonderful pine. Yellow pinus montana wonderfully in what place?First is wonderfully in it Does not have Compared to Obstinate Strong vitality, you saw have had noalternative but to express admiration. Generally said that, every hasthe earth the side to be able to leave the vegetation and the crops,but the yellow pine is long comes out from the hard yellow hillockrock. Huangshan Mountain everywhere all is growing the pine tree,their long peak, the long sheer precipice, is long in Deep Gully the glen,green and luxuriant, full of vitality. Since 1100, they were splitopen like this from the rock, the root deep deeply gripped in the rockseam, did not fear barren was arid, did not fear the wind and thundersleet, natural, unyielding. You can say is not wonderful? Next is,yellow pinus montana also wonderfully in it that unique naturalmodelling. From generally speaking, yellow pinus montana's needleshort and heavy dense, Ye Senong green, the trunk and branches tunelives, crown flat, appears one kind simply, steady, the vigorousimposing manner, but each pine tree, each pine tree, in theappearance, PostureAccommodates, is mad in the rhyme, also is each every different,all some one kind of unusual America. The people according to them thedifferent shape and the charm, separately gave them to get up has beenappropriate from however the elegant interesting name, like received aguest the pine, the black tiger pine, LiesDragon the pine, Long Zhuasong,searches Korean pine, unity pine and so on. They are the HuangshanMountain wonderful pine's representative.

  The strange stone, is constitutes the Huangshan Mountain beautifulscenery one "certainly". Everywhere all may see in Huangshan Mountainwonderful shape strange rock, these strange stone appearancesinfinitely varied, some picture people, some picture thing, some havethe reflection certain myth fables and the historical story, lifelike,vivid were all interesting. In 121 famous stones, well-knownnesshigher some having "fly the stone", "immortal play chess", "the magpieascend the plum", "the monkey view sea", "immortal expose to the sunthe boots", "the Penglai three islands", "the golden rooster arecalled the fontanel" and so on. These strange stones have are thecolossi, some marvelous exquisite; Some independences become thescenery, some are several combinations or with the wonderful pineingenious knot synthesis scenery. Also a strange stone because watchedthe position and the angle has changed, the appearance also had thechange, has become stone two scenery, if "the golden rooster wascalled the fontanel" also to call "five old heavens all", "the magpieto ascend the plum" also to be called "immortal to refer to the road"is moves step trades the scenery the reason. Also some strangefactories, looked under the dissimilar condition, can produce cannotassociation, thus also had the different name, if "the monkey viewsea" also is called "the monkey to look peace" then is.

  Also cloud sea. Although also can see the cloud sea in the Chineseother Mingshan, but does not have to be able compared to on theHuangshan Mountain cloud sea such magnificent sight and fluctuatesinfinitely. Probably is this reason, Huangshan Mountain also has othername, calls "Yellow Sea". This certainly to be sure claims withoutjustification, has the history for the card. The Ming Dynasty has therenowned annals scientist's to name be Pan to be permanent, has livedfor several dozens years in Huangshan Mountain, wrote 60 volumes bigHead book —— Huangshan Mountain mountain wills, the book title hascalled "Yellow Sea". Huangshan Mountain's some scenic areas, theguesthouse and the multitudinous landscape naming, all special "thesea" has the connection with this, some landscapes if watch in thecloud sea, can appear clearly, flavor also foot. These also all provedthat, "Yellow Sea" this name is worthy of the name.

  Finally, introduces the hot spring. Our Chang Jiang and the tour hotspring is FrontMountain Huangshan Mountain guesthouse hot spring, ancienttime calls the hot spring, gushes out from the purple pinnacle. Hotspring scenic area names which with it, after enters the scenic areawhich the Huangshan Mountain south gate first arrives. Hot springwater volume sufficient, the water temperature year to year maintainsabout 42, the water quality is good, and includes to the human bodybeneficial mineral substance, has the certain medical value, to theskin disease, the rheumatism and the digesting system disease, reallyhas the certain curative effect. But only can the bath, not be able todrink; Crosses the cloud to say it may drink uses, is unscientific.

  Actually, the Huangshan Mountain hot spring continues. The slope folds under the peak north Huangshan Mountain, but also some hot spring,calls the loose valley hut, ancient name tin spring. It with Shannan'sguesthouse hot spring contour interval 7.5 kilometers, elevation alsonear, the north and south are symmetrical, coordinate with each otheracross a great distance. This also sufficed wonderfully. But becauseit is situated remote at present not to develop the use.

  Besides "four certainly", Huangshan Mountain's waterfall, sunrise andsunset glow, also is extremely the magnificent sight and lovely.

  Huangshan Mountain, Shan Gaobei is steep, the brook rushes from themountain canyon gushes out, flies from the steep valley clift fallswith, forms the waterfall. "In the mountain night of rain, everywherehangs flies the spring", is the Huangshan Mountain attentive vividportrayal. The Huangshan Mountain waterfall are very many, magnificenthaving "Kowloon waterfall", "person character waterfall" and "ropemade of twisted bamboo strips waterfall".

  Huangshan Mountain four seasons distinct: Spring Qingfeng DropGreen jade, thewild flower is brilliant; Summer the cool piece, everywhere flies thewaterfall; Autumn clear sky and fresh air, red leaves like rosy cloud;The cold winter is SilverAttireElementBinds, the ice sculpture jade builds.Huangshan Mountain truly is a traveling, the summer vacation, enjoysthe snow the exceedingly good destination.