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  很多年前,有一位学大提琴的年轻人去向20世纪最伟大的大提琴家卡萨尔斯讨教:我怎样才能成为一名优秀的大提琴家?卡萨尔斯面对雄心勃勃的年轻人,意味深长地回答:先成为优秀而大写的人,然后成为一名优秀而大写的音乐人,再然后就会成为一名优秀的大提琴家。 (翻译备注: “大写” 在这里的意思是有品格, 做人堂堂正正)

  Many years ago, a young man learning cello went to Casals, the greatest cellist in the 20th century, for advice: how can I become an excellent cellist? Seeing such an ambitious young man standing in front, Casals answered emotionally: you should first learn to be an excellent and good-virtue man, then learn to be an excellent and good-virtue musician, and finally become an excellent and good-virtue cellist.


  When I first learnt this story, I was still too young to interpret the essence of Casals’ remarks. But now, with my treating with more and more people in my work, his remarks become increasingly impressive in my mind.www.233.CoM考试就上考试大


  When I interviewed Ji Xianlin, a renowned professor in Peking University, he told me one of his true stories. In the autumn of one year, a new semester began and a student from other province was carrying tons of luggage on campus. After a while, he felt very tired and put his luggage by the road. At that moment, an old man was walking towards him. The student asked the old man to help him take care of his luggage for a while and he went to deal with the admission formalities. The old man promised without the least hesitation. After almost one hour, the student came back and saw the old man still keeping an eye on his luggage responsibly. He thanked the old man sincerely and they parted later. After several days, the school was holding the opening ceremony and the student astonishingly found that the vice-president of Peking University, Ji Xianlin, was exactly the old man who helped him take care of his luggage!


  I cannot imagine how the student felt at that time, but for myself, after hearing this story, I strongly felt that good personality is the highest degree in our lives. Later, I had the chance to interview the almost century-old famous writer in China, Bing Xin. I asked her, “What is the greatest concern you are having now?” She gave me a simple but deeply touching answer, “The condition of the sick old people.”


  At that time, Bing Xin was approaching the end of life, but this old lady, who had been working hard in literature writing after the “May Fourth Movement” (the first anti-imperialist, cultural, and political movement taking place on May 4th, 1919), had not reduced the least of her love and concern towards the people. What a great virtue it is!


  Bing Xin was not physically sound, but she set herself as an example by composing numerous real moving stories that are diffusing fragrance of love, leaving us a grand profile after she went to the Heaven.


  If you have chances to communicate with those old people who have gone through the “May Fourth Movement” or who have been affected by this movement, you will perceive that history and tradition are very close to us indeed. Those sparking virtues and personalities embodied by these people should be well worth our learning and inheriting from generation to generation.


  Before long, I heard another fresh and touching story about Ji Xianlin in Peking University. A group of freshmen made an appointment to visit Ji. But when they got Ji’s house, they felt worried that their visit might disturb his work. Finally, all of them used a bamboo stick to write their best wishes to Ji on the ground by the door and then left satisfactorily.


  What a beautiful picture it is! Not far from Ji’s home is the famous Weiming Lake in Peking University, and the Boya Pagoda standing by the lake was mirrored by the water. Those wishes from students also reflected the grand profile of Ji embedded in students’ hearts.


  Having heard so many stories like this, I just feel I am like a balloon, which is seemingly flying high but is actually upheld by the cloud, and which is seemingly “full” but actually very “empty”. Then I could not help feeling concerned: how can I go better in the long way of my life in the future? Then I would no longer yearn for getting old to accumulate experience, but yearn for learning all the virtues and great personalities in those great minds. So now, I think I have a far better understanding of Casals’ remarks. For me, how can I become a super host in CCTV? The answer echoing in my heart is: you should first learn to be an excellent and good-virtue man, then learn to be an excellent and good-virtue journalist, and finally become an excellent and good-virtue host of TV programs!

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