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  It is an inevitable choice that China unswervingly persists in keeping to the path of peaceful development, given the country's national conditions. During the 100 odd years following the Opium War in 1840, China suffered humiliation and insult from big powers. And thus, ever since the advent of modern times, it has become the nation's assiduously sought goal to eliminate war, maintain peace, build a country of independence and prosperity, and have a comfortable and happy life. Although it has made enormous achievements in development, China, with a huge population, a weak economic foundation and unbalanced development of its different regions, is still the largest developing country in the world. It is the central task of China to promote economic and social development while continuously improving its people's life. To stick to the path of peaceful development is the inevitable way for China to attain national prosperity and strength, and its people's welfare. What the Chinese people need and cherish most is a peaceful international environment. They are willing to do their best to make energetic contributions for the common development of all countries.

  总体来看,此次听译没有出现难词,也未出现大额数词。先前的新东方口译培训中我们提到过,心记的重要性要远远大于笔记,除非笔记非常的熟练。此次的句子一如往常, 30 个字左右,都非常有逻辑性,因此心记配合一定的笔记绰绰有余。

  1. The most effective people are the same whether they are having a conversation with friends or giving a public speech to a large audience, and their gestures match their words.

  课堂上再三强调的最高级再次出现,以三次方带过,之后迅速记下 conver 和 public 足足矣。最后的小半句话直接停留在脑中,听完整句话后为免笔记最先翻译。

  2. Americans have four major ways for making friends: at work, at school, through a hobby or a common interest, such as volunteer work, or through a mutual friend connection.

  列举的长度史无前例地从 3 个延长到 4 个,记起来有一定难度,但理解起来不难。若无法记全 hobby 和 common interest ,只翻一个的话原则上不会扣分。关键要写出四种交友方式的大意:工作、学习、(共同)爱好和朋友介绍。

  3. There are certain things such as breathing and eating, which babies can do at birth. Soon they learn to distinguish various people, and begin to make noises which seem like speech.

  关键字 breathing , eating 可记录为"呼、吃或 eat ", distinguish 可记下前几个字母,另可记下 noise 和 speech ,其余在脑中消化。

  4. Three out of four pedestrians killed in traffic accidents are either under 15 or over 60. They may not judge speeds very well and may step into the road unexpectedly.

  最先的数字 three out of four ( 4 个里有 3 个)应该边听边记下 3/4 ,接着的数字同样需要记下,为" <15 / >60"。此次的数字考点并不难,新东方课堂练习中都有大量提及和训练。

  5. Often, we learn wisdom from failure. We often discover what we will do by finding out what we cannot do. And probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.

  "从失败中得到智慧",这是我们再熟悉不过的道理,理解上应该没有任何问题。后半句的句型考生也应相当耳熟," He who laughs last laughs best. (笑到最后才是真正的胜利。)"


  1. There are times when people are so tired that they fall asleep almost anywhere. For example, there is a lot of sleeping on the bus or train on the way home from work in the evenings. In some classes, a student will start snoring so loudly that the professor has to ask another student to shake the sleeper awake. The worst time to fall asleep is when driving a car. Police reports are full of traffic accidents that occur when people doze off and bump into something else.


  2. People with high self-confidence are generally happier and better able to cope with unfavorable conditions. High self-confidence provides a sense of security. It can also give people a sense of purpose and the belief that they are productive members of society. In contrast, individuals lacking in self-confidence are more insecure and their belief in their ability to reach their goals is weak. And when others are successful, people with low self-confidence may feel jealousy and envy. Low confidence leads to low expectations, reduced efforts, increased anxiety and poor performance.

  相对于第一篇,这篇的难度大有提升。若考生发现无法记下所有关键字时,千万不要乱了阵脚,这毕竟是拉开分数档次的题目。第一句可以记下" high ","笑脸平方(代表 happier )",和"逆(代表 unfavorable condition )",第二句记下" security ",第三句记下" purpose "和" productive ",第四句把" in contrast "当作课堂上讲过的" on the other hand "一样记录为" /o "表示相反的关系,之后写上" insecure "和" weak ",第五句记下" envy ",最后一句虽然再次出现 4 个列举,但应尽量记全而非一听完急着从头开始翻译,哪怕只能记下 3 个,也是全文最重要的得分点。记全之后再开始翻,结合短期记忆并利用合理想象力把文章尽量翻全,不用面面俱到但求自圆其说。