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  The development of Zhuhai’s leisure vocation real estate


  In this article, I will discuss with you about the development of the real estate for leisure vocation in Zhuhai City according to the research I conducted with my classmates last semester, covering its current situation, categories, existing issues and its developing trend.


  Firstly, we have to have a clear understanding of the definition of real estate for leisure vocation. Currently its definition is quite vague domestically, and there are some identical words like real estate for travel and real estate for leisure. After a careful comparison among these words, I finally adopt the definition raised by a Chinese scholar named Wang Xuefa that real estates for leisure vocation refer to the estate that meets the need of travelers to spend the vocation on leisure.

  二珠海目前的休闲度假房地产类型主要有景区住宅、度假村Holiday village(别墅)、时权酒店Time Share Hotel、产权酒店Property Hotel。为了方便研究,在调研的过程当中,我们又将休闲度假地产分为居住型和经营型的两大类。居住型的休闲度假地产包括景区住宅,度假别墅等,而经营型的休闲度假地产则包括度假村,时权酒店和产权酒店等

  Secondly, the real estates for leisure vocation in Zhuhai City are categorized into four, namely Scenic Residence, Holiday Village, Time Share Hotel and Property Hotel. In order to facilitate our study, in the process of researching, we again divide them into two types: Real Estate for Living and Real Estate for business. The former type includes Scenic Residence and Holiday Cottage, while the latter type includes Holiday Village, Time Share Hotel and Property Hotel, etc.


  Referring to the map above, we can learn the spread of various type of real estates. What is more, we can spot another characteristic, that is a considerable amount of real estates for leisure vocation spread along the coastal line of Xiangzhou Region.







  Thirdly, we are going to analyze the current situation and issues about the main two types of the real estates.

  A Real Estates for Living

  1. current situation:

  a. the sales of the real estates of this type is overall good. The real estates in Zhuhai did not suffer a slump of sales volumes and prices as those in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

  b. the sales volume vary from region to region within the city, with a higher volume in Xiangzhou and Gongbei and a lower in Tangjia and Jida.

  c. category of clients. The main purchasing forces come from Zhuhai, HK and Macao, some foreign countries and inland. The major buying motive for some people from HK and Macao as well as some foreign countries, is driven by the beautiful environment, agreeable climate and lower prices.





  2. Issues:

  a. most themes and styles of the architecture are too identical to each other and not innovative.

  b. the qualities of decors for some buildings are not good.

  c. some environmental problems exist around some buildings, for instance, the environmental pollutions around two main building sections in Tangjiawan, Haiyiwan and Yuandameiyu. As well as noise pollution caused by the main road from HK to Zhuhai.






  B. Real Estate for business.

  1. current situation:

  a. overall the facilities are more comprehensive.

  b. the overall operation of the business is on the sound way and the benefits from vocation leisure are obvious.

  c. the main consuming forces come from Zhujiang delta area , HK and Macao as well as local place.


  a. 度假功能的体现不突出。大多数客人逗留的时间为一两天.



  2. issues:

  a. the function of holidaying is not evident. Most visitors just stay for one or two days.

  b. the exploitation of the resources on the islands is insufficient and remains in the preliminary stage, thereby lacking the overall traveling plan, which causes the following development and construction to be blind.

  c. the seasonal characteristic is obvious in traveling, especially on islands of Zhuhai and the real estates along the coast.






  Fourthly, trend prediction.

  1. In the long run, the overall rend is promising. With the big bridges connecting HK, Zhuhai and Macao further being perfected, the connections between Zhuhai and its surrounding cities will become tighter and more convenient. With the living standard rising, Zhuhai will surely attract more tourists.

  2. regional trend

  a. We can see from the map below that the development of real estate for leisure vocation spreads from saturated areas to the surrounding areas.

  b. Jinwan and Hengqin will become the major development area in the future'