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  Obama to issue a new statement of US national security strategy

  President Obama will formally present a new national security strategy early next year, identifying his foreign policy priorities for the remainder of his time in office, the White House said Friday.

  The new policy document will be the second of Obama's administration and will likely update the previous one, released in May 2010, in several important areas. Those include policies for fighting the next phase of the war against al-Qaeda, the shift of national security resources to Asia and a plan to manage declining defense budgets amid fiscal strain.

  The administration will present another strategy paper on how it intends to achieve the policy ambitions to be outlined in the new national security doctrine sometime in the spring, Obama told Congress in a letter made public Friday.

  The new strategy is being drafted at a time when Obama continues to face questions over his counterterrorism policy, particularly the use of drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan as the US military withdraws from that region.

  Disclosures over the scope of the National Security Agency s eavesdropping practices have also placed Obama at odds with some foreign leaders, including US allies, and prompted him to pledge reforms in the way intelligence gathering is conducted.

  The new security strategy will likely reflect some of those proposals and expand on administration plans in the Asia-Pacific region as the country shifts from a war footing in the decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to new diplomatic and economic initiatives.

  The National Security Strategy document falls under a 1986 law requiring the president to present Congress with an annual strategic statement. Most administrations have been inconsistent in meeting that obligation. George W. Bush, for example, issued only two during his eight years in office.

  The policy statement sets administration priorities inside the government and communicates them to Congress, the American public and the world. It also is intended as a framework for strategy documents produced by other parts of the government, including the Pentagon s national defense strategy.

  Obama s first National Security Strategy ran 52 pages and set out a course for ending the US military involvement in Iraq.

  Although the strategy asserted America s central role in the world, it also warned that when we overuse our military might, or fail to invest in or deploy complementary tools, or act without partners, then our military is overstretched.

  Americans bear a greater burden, and our leadership around the world is too narrowly identified with military forces, the document reads. It lists as the country's enduring national interests security, prosperity, values and international order.

  In recent months, Obama has outlined some of his foreign policy priorities for the rest of his second term, telling the UN General Assembly in September that in the Middle East he would focus on securing a nuclear agreement with Iran and peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

  That emphasis will likely be reflected in the updated strategy document, which will also likely look beyond the official conclusion of US combat operations in Afghanistan at the end of 2014.







  《国家安全战略》是根据1986年的一部法律制订的。该法律要求美国总统必须每年呈报给国会一份年度政策声明。几乎各届政府都没履行这项职责。比如乔治 W 布什总统在位八年就只发布两份。



  虽然该战略宣称美国在世界扮演核心角色,同时也提醒 我们若是滥用军事力量,或是无力投资或部署辅助性工具,亦或者没有协同盟友单独行动的话,那我们军队战线就太长了 。

  文件还写道: (那样的话)美国就会承受更大的压力,如果把我们在世界范围的领导等同于军事力量领导,那就太狭隘了。 文件罗列出美国 经久不衰的国家利益 :安全、繁荣、价值观和国际秩序。