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  saffron water 黄丹水

  Saha World 娑婆世界

  Samaya precept 三昧耶戒

  Samghati 僧伽黎

  Many-pieced robe 杂碎衣

  host's robe 祖衣

  great robe 大衣

  Kashaya 袈裟 cassock 法衣, 袈裟, 衲

  mute-colored cloth 坏色衣

  clothing for getting out of dust 离尘服

  Sangha-arama 伽蓝

  the Sangha and the laity 僧俗

  Sangha's dwellings 僧坊

  Santideva Bodhisattva 寂天菩萨

  the Sea-vast Avatamsaka Assembly of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas 莲池海会佛菩萨

  schisms 不和合

  Secret School 密宗

  sectarianism 宗派

  seize upon conditions 攀缘

  self-mastery 自在

  senior-seated one 上座

  sense objects 尘

  sentient beings 有情

  serve in the kitchen 行堂

  seven Bodhi shares 七菩提分

  sever afflictions 断烦恼

  shamatha 奢摩他

  share-section birth and death 分段生死

  (many) sharira 舍利

  sharira-stupa 舍利塔

  Shila 尸罗

  Shurangama Samadhi 楞严定

  simplicity and frugality 简朴

  single-mindedness 一心

  Six Paramitas / Six Perfections 六度

  Six Spiritual Penetrations 六神通

  Skandha-demon 阴魔

  snow saussurea 雪莲

  Snowy Mountains 雪山

  Solitary Enlightened One 独觉

  Sound-Hearer 声闻

  South Potalaka Monastery 南普陀寺

  speak the Dharma 说法

  spontaneous 自然

  Sramanera Precepts 沙弥戒

  stern and pure in the Vinaya 严净毗尼

  still quiescence 寂灭

  stinking skin-bag 臭皮囊

  stoppings and contemplations 止观 (shamatha and vipashyana)

  sublime abode 精舍

  summer retreat 结夏安居

  In Buddhism, there is a rule that those who have left the home-life must pass the summer in retreat. This rule came about because for 90 days, from the 15th of the fourth lunar month to the 15th of the seventh lunar month, the members of the Sangha lived in one place and didn't go anywhere.

  a suona horn 唢呐

  Superior Seated One 上座

  supra-mundane-mind, renunciation 出离心

  the Sutra of Contemplating Measureless Life Buddha 《观无量寿经》

  the Sutra in Forty-two Sections 《四十二章经》

  the Sutra of Manjushri's Questions on Prajna 《文殊问般若经》

  the Sutra of Medicine Buddha 《药师经》

  the Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva 《地藏菩萨本愿经》

  the Sutra of the Tathagata's Lion's Roar 《如来狮子吼经》

  Sutra Division 经部


  take refuge with 皈依

  tala tree 多罗树

  take across sentient beings universally 普度众生

  take across to 度

  take complete precepts 受具足戒

  tally with 契合

  teaching host 教主

  Ten Doors of Discrimination of Worthy Leader School 贤首宗十门分别

  32 Marks/Features and 80 Subtle/Subsidiary Characteristics of a Buddha


  thoughts of revulsion 厌离心

  Three Evil Destinies 三恶趣

  Three Evil Paths 三恶道

  Three great asamkhyeyas of eons 三大阿僧祗劫

  three kinds of intoxication 三毒

  scroll 卷

  Three Masters and Seven Certifiers 三师七证

  Precept Transmitter 得戒和尚

  Karmadana 羯摩和尚

  Teaching Transmitter 教授和尚

  three precept platforms for receiving the complete precepts 三坛大戒

  Three Qualities 三性 good, bad, indeterminate 善、恶、无记

  Three Realms 三界

  three spiritual and seven physical souls 三魂七魄

  the Three Sutras on the Buddha's Bequeathed Teachings 《遗教三经》

  3,000 awesome deportments and 80,000 subtle aspects 三千威仪,八万细行

  Thus Come One / Tathagata 如来

  One Worthy of Offerings 应供

  One of Proper and Pervasive Knowledge / One of Proper and Universal Knowledge 正遍知

  One Perfect in Clarity and Practice 明行足

  Well Gone One 善逝

  Unsurpassed Knight Who Understands the World 世间解无上士 (One Who Understands the World 世间解; Unsurpassed One无上士)

  Great Regulator / Taming and Subduing Hero 调御丈夫

  Teacher of Gods and Humans / People 天人师

  Buddha 佛

  World Honored One 世尊

  Tian Tai School (Heavenly Vista) Five Mysterious Meanings 天台五重玄义

  tin staff 锡杖

  tip of a single fine hair 一毛孔

  Torma 朵马

  transform 度

  Trayastrimsha 忉利天

  Treasury of Emptiness 虚空藏

  Tripitaka 三藏

  Triple Jewel 三宝

  true contemplation 如实观照

  true suchness 真如

  Tsampa powder 妥巴粉

  Tsong-kha-pa 宗喀巴

  tula-cotton hand 兜罗棉手

  turbidity of the eon, views, living beings, afflictions, life span 劫浊,见浊,众生浊,烦恼浊,命浊

  turn on the wheel of rebirth 轮回

  Tushita Heaven 兜率天

  Twelve Divisions 十二部

  Prose 长行部

  Reiterative Verses 重颂部

  Bestowal of Predictions 授记部

  Causes and Conditions 因缘部

  Analogies 譬喻部

  Past Events 本事部

  Present Lives 本生部

  Broadening Passages 方广部

  Previously Non-existent the Dharma 未曾有部

  Unrequested the Dharma 自说部

  Interpolations 孤起部

  Discussions 议论部

  the Twenty Verses on Consciousness-only 《唯识二十论》 (《二十唯识》)


  Ullambana 盂兰盆

  ultimate 究竟

  ultimate teaching 了义

  Unintermittent Hells 无间地狱

  Gathered Offering (tsog) 会供

  Universal Worthy 普贤

  Unobstructed Eloquence of Delight in Speech 乐说无碍辩才

  uphold reverently 奉持


  vaidurya 琉璃

  Vairochana 毗卢遮那

  Vairocana 卢舍那

  Vajra Acharya 金刚阿阇黎

  Vajra the Dharma King 金刚法王

  vajra pestle 金刚杵

  Vajra Powerful Lord 金刚力士

  Vajra Secret -Traces Spirits 金刚密迹

  the Vajra Sutra 《金刚经》

  vast vows 弘誓

  vegetarian feast 营斋

  vegetarian host 斋主

  verse 偈子

  Venerable Atisha 阿底峡尊者

  view delusion 见惑

  Vipashyin 毗舍浮

  the Vimilakirti Sutra 《维摩诘经》

  the Everyday Vinaya 《毗尼日用》


  water purification 洒净

  Way-place 道场

  wearisome defilements 尘劳

  Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss 西方极乐净土

  whisk 拂尘

  white robed people 白衣

  the White Tara 白度母

  wisdom of all kinds 一切种智

  Great Perfect Mirror Wisdom 大圆镜智

  Fair and Impartial Wisdom of the Nature 平等性智

  Wonderful Contemplating and Investigating Wisdom 妙观察智

  Wisdom that Accomplishes what must be done 成所作智

  wish-fulfilling pearl 如意珠

  wombs, eggs, moisture, transformation 胎卵湿化

  work outdoor 出坡

  worlds of the trichiliocosm 三千大千世界

  world-transcending wisdom 出世智


  Yamantaka (meaning “Great Awesome Virtues”) 13 Honored Ones/ 13 Deity Yamantaka 大威德十三尊

  Yellow Hat Sect 黄帽派

  Yoga Tantra 瑜伽部

  yojana 由旬