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  abbot's quarters 丈室

  the Abhidharma-kosa-Shastra 《俱舍论》

  Abhidharma Pitika 论藏

  the Abstract of Abhidharma-kosa-Shastra 《俱舍大要》

  the Abstract of the Awesome Deportments of Ten Shramanera Precepts 《沙弥十戒威仪录要》

  the Accomplishment Buddha 成就佛

  accordingly rejoice 随喜

  acharya 阿阇梨

  affinities 因缘 (with emphasis on good relationships)

  aid 加持

  the Akshobhya Buddha 阿閦佛

  Alaya-Consciousness 阿赖耶识 = Storehouse Consciousness 藏识

  the Agama Sutra 《阿含经》

  All living beings have the Buddha-nature; all can become Buddhas. 一切众生,皆有佛性,皆堪作佛。

  almsgiver / giving host 施主

  an amala fruit 庵摩罗果

  the Amitabha Sutra 《阿弥陀经》 the Buddha Speaks the Amitabha Sutra 《佛说阿弥陀经》

  annihilated 断灭

  anoint the crown of the head, empowerment or initiation 灌顶

  analogy 譬喻

  the Anuttarayoga Tantra 无上瑜伽部

  the Anuttarayoga Great-awesome-virtues (Yamantaka) Honored One 无上部大威德一尊

  aranya 阿练若

  arisal of conditions 缘起

  Ashvajit 马胜

  the Attained Great Strength (Mahasthamaprapta) 得大势

  attain to wisdom 开智慧

  attendant 侍者

  attract 摄

  Auspicious Vinaya Monastery 吉祥律院

  Avichi Hells 阿鼻地狱

  awesome deportment 威仪


  blessing / blessedness 福 (It depends on where to use.)

  the bliss of Dhyana 禅悦

  (bring forth) Bodhi resolve, Bodhi-mind, Bodhichitta/Bodhicitta or resolve for enlightenment (发)菩提心

  Bodhimanda 道场 = Way-place

  body produced by intent 意生身

  bow (to the feet of) 顶礼

  bow repentances 拜忏

  the Brahma Net Sutra 《梵网经》

  Bright-eyed Advisors 明眼善知识

  the Brilliant Mantra of Six Words 六字大明咒

  bubbling spring 涌泉

  the Buddha of Immeasurable Life 无量寿佛

  the Buddha's Universal Great Means Expansive Flower Adornment Sutra 《大方广佛华严经》

  the Buddha-spoken Ullambana Sutra《佛说盂兰盆经》

  Buddhist Association 佛协

  Buddhist Canon = Tripitaka 三藏


  calligraphy 书法

  carry on the single pulse of the patriarchs' mind-transmission 推行祖师一脉心传

  cast out the false and retain the true 去伪存真

  catch on fire and enter a demonic state 走火入魔

  cause and effect 因果

  causes and conditions 因缘 (with emphasis on the theory, eg. 12 causes and conditions)

  celestial eye 天眼 = heavenly eye

  chandana 旃檀

  change birth and death 变易生死

  the Chapter of Dhyana Meditation 《禅定品》

  Stopping and Contemplation 止观

  the Chapter of the Universal Door of Gwan Shr Yin Bodhisattva 《观世音菩萨普门品》

  the Chapter of the Universal Door 《普门品》

  chef 大寮

  clarified butter 醍醐

  clasp 搭扣

  climb on conditions / seize upon conditions 攀缘

  compliantly rejoice 随喜 = accordingly rejoice

  conditioned dharmas 有为法

  consciousness devoid of filth 无垢识

  the Consciousness-only 唯识

  contemplation method 观想法

  Continuous Walking / Standing Buddha Samadhi 常行/般舟三昧

  convert (a person) 度(人)

  corpse-guarding ghost 守尸鬼

  couplet 对联

  cross over (a person) 度(人)

  cultivation and certification 修证

  cycle of rebirth 轮回

  cymbals 钹


  Dakini 空行母

  Dana 檀那

  Danapati 檀越

  Deer-Wilds Park 鹿野苑 = Deer Park

  defiling objects 尘

  delusion 惑

  demon hordes 魔民

  demon spotting mirror 照魔镜

  Dependent Origination and the Emptiness of Nature 缘起性空

  deviant pride 邪慢

  deviant knowledge 邪见

  Dharani 陀罗尼

  Dharma Ending Age 末法

  Dharma events 法事

  Dharma is level and equal, with no high or low. 是法平等,无有高下。

  Dharma joy 法喜

  Dharma assembly 法会

  Dharma master 法师

  Dharma Semblance Age 像法

  Dhyana concentration / samadhi 禅定

  diligent and vigorous 勤精进

  direct karma 性业 vs contributing karma 遮业

  Disseminate the Dharma 传法

  division of seeing 见分

  division of characteristics 相分

  Don't do any evil, offer up all good conduct.


  Dhuta practice 头陀行

  dispel subtle delusions 除细惑

  draw straws 抽签


  the Earth Store Sutra 《地藏经》

  efficacious / magical atmosphere 灵气

  egocentrism 我执

  eight virtues of filiality, fraternity, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, righteousness, incorruptibility, a sense of shame


  Eight Winds 八风

  elder Dharma Master 老法师

  eloquence of delight in speech 乐说辩才

  Empowerment 灌顶 (It's widely used for “anointing head-crown”, it's said it's better than “initiation”。 However, it shall only mean “aid from gurus”。)

  enlightenment of self, enlightenment of others, the perfection of enlightened practice 自觉、觉他、觉行圆满

  erudition 多闻

  essence, energy, spirit 精气神

  essentials of the mind 心要

  evil karma 恶业

  evoke response 感报

  exalted hero 大雄

  executive 执事

  exert oneself in ascetism 苦行

  exploit conditions 攀缘

  exploits of demons 魔事

  external paths / externalist religions 外道

  extinction 灭


  fine comportment 威仪

  fine mote of dust 微尘

  five desires 五欲

  five edible members of the allium family five pungent plants - onions, leeks, garlic, chives or shallots (scallions) 五辛 - 洋葱、韭、蒜、细香葱、大葱

  five marks of decay 五衰相

  Five Mysterious Meanings 五重玄义

  five rebellious acts 五逆

  five Skandhas 五蕴

  Five-Syllable Mantra 五字真言

  flattering and crooked mind 陷曲心

  flesh-body Bodhisattva 肉身菩萨

  the Flower Adornment Sutra 《华严经》

  Foremost truth 第一义谛

  foul-mouthed 恶口

  Four Additional Practices (Heat, Summit, Patience, Foremost in the World) 四加行

  Four Applications of Mindfulness 四念处

  Four-armed Gwan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) 四臂观音

  Four Dharmas of Attraction 四摄法

  Four Dhyanas and Eight Samadhis 四禅八定

  Four Dhyana Heavens 四禅天

  fourfold assembly 四众

  four-stage Arahat 四果罗汉

  freak-spotting mirror 照妖镜

  (in) full-lotus posture 跏趺坐

  Fundamental Honored One (often translated wrongly as “personal deity or tutelary deity”。 It's not a god!) 本尊


  gather in all six organs 都摄六根

  Gelukpa Order 格鲁派

  Geshe 格西

  gild image 装金

  give rise to the Buddha's knowledge and vision 开佛知见

  giving 布施

  goblin 妖

  gong 钟

  good roots 善根

  Good and Wise Advisor / Good Knowing Advisor 善知识

  gossip 两舌

  go to kitchen 过堂

  grasping 取 (十二因缘)

  great affinities 大因缘

  Great Brahma King 大梵天王

  the Great Compassion Heart Dharani Sutra 《大悲心陀罗尼经》

  great exemplars in the Three Realms 弘范三界

  great golden-winged peng bird 大鹏金翅鸟

  Great Vehicle / Mahayana 大乘

  great wholesome silence 大善寂力

  the Greatly Wise Manjushri Bodhisattva 大智文殊师利菩萨

  ground incense 末香

  Guest Prefect 知客

  guru 上师