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  Hello, very welcome to Ma ren qifeng forest tourist areas. I am a tour guide Xiao Xiao, here I'll introduce you to the Anhui provincial forest parks, national “AAA” class tourism--Ma Yan qifeng scenic area in Wuhu.

  The South Bank of the Yangtze River in Tongling, Wuhu to the fanchang,, has a June show strange mountain, Ma Renshan. This mountain in the Central Highlands, rocks, strange, fengyan waiting, stagger lofty, screen, like battlements of the city, such as mounting the jade, as Lance. Taiyangshan, Moon Hill, one washed away, the Sun, the Moon, looking out. Catalpol papyrifera acres in the mountain woodlands, forest, more domestic rare wood forest, with lush bamboo sea, mountain home. Mountain Lake, Lake of the Moon, India two mountains into the Lake, the landscape one, fascinating.

  Ma Renshan, formerly known as Ma Renshan, late into the night after, mountain horse demon whinny people panic, a fairy came to this mountain by boat, draw one ' s sword “off its first” villagers ' gratitude for its jenteh, change the name of this Hill Ma Renshan. Poetry of the ancients said: “the peak back to nine sons pick, Tico, sacrifice and the odd bucket-blue hole. Remember that man Ming Ma roared night and banners La La autumn wind. ”

  Ma Yan qifeng scenic spots with “Ma Yan six odd-” absolutely, here we come to introduce the six odd--one in “grotesque peak”.

  In addition to the preceding peak of Lu Xun, the following will give you some information about beautiful peaks. Beautiful peak to the left temple of Ma yan, lay on one of the hills, beautiful, ladylike girl, speaking of this mountain, there is a beautiful legend.

  Legend has it that in ancient times, the Hill has a rich man called Mauron, Mo Ying look if his daughter Angel, and talented, she and the cowboy of the village mutual love, pledge to marry without the permission of parents. Village has a noble young man Mo Ying Yang Ye have long coveted beauty, trustee talk about a marriage, Mauron fear the forces of the Yang family, had promised, don't miss dead refused, the last multilateral consultation, throwing balls marry into and live with one ' s bride ' s family.

  Marry into and live with one ' s bride ' s family day, crowded under the mountain, Yang Ye has people crowded around a decorated Archway, won balls, Niu Gur firecrackers went straight to the decorated Archway stood suddenly, when young families by surprise, Miss balls thrown to Niu Gur, cow catcher ran, half way to the Yang family killed, and regain the ball. That night, Mo Ying braved squally rain, escaped from the Mozambican, found at the foot of Niu Gur's body, after breaking down and weeping, commit suicide to scissors, Mo Ying died, her grave has turned into the mountain, people called this peak is beautiful peaks.

  You then look up this huge wall, Fanchang County it is one of the ten, the name “Ma yan, Cliff” this wall of cool stone of a headless horse, high wall baizhang, extraordinary momentum.

  This independence between wind among Mountain Pines in front of Kinte column that is “Ma Yan six strange”, one of the “pillar and odd”, others South of this column, known as “Wuhu to the first pillar”.

  At Sun Hill's leak months of Sun and moon mountain cave, foster, the corresponding theory into delightful aspect, it's called “six-Chi”, “the strange hole.

  Sun mountain cave was born in the Sun, to Sunrise, the Sun through this hole, dazzling and unpredictable, dizzying, and confusing.

  Pinnacle Moon cave is located in the mountains of the Moon, this hole shape of the meniscus, and through this hole, Sun Mountain beauty of glance. Moonlight boarding here, through the concept of months, you will see the cave of spirits of Ma Yan moonlight.

  ”Odd housing“ is Ma Renshi housing, for ”horse Jen six odd“ one, stone housing high about 30 m, although by three block claimed of giant stone composition, but indoor bright, can wind cover rain, and rain again big also not leak, is for a odd; to has summer, people entered stone housing, meal sense breeze rinses, feel good all over cool, is for erqi; station in hole in the looked up and visible ”people“ Word days, that is by two block giant stone of gap composition, ”people“ Word hectic strong, can be described as specially Word days into, was takes the, is for sanqi;

  Stone housing Middle vertical has a root God column, high more than 20 more m, diameter about 1.2 m around, God column mellow smooth, stone pillars Middle has a crack, this also has paragraph legends, year this God column to daily ten feet of speed Shang long, at Temple, retinue fear stone pillars endanger heaven, sent Lei Gonglei mother will its-click broken, formation now this looks, this for four odd.

  If your visit to hut along the right of the stone house Lane, in a cutting out under giant rock, a stone mortar, speaking of the stone mortar, there is also a small story. When General Tan Zhenlin Ma yan in mountain village, conducted the famous ”five-five-Jet“ ”fanchang battles“, in a battle, several soldiers and dabudui separated, sheltering here, inquiries sent to rice in Shan Ha Tsuen, farmers, soldiers drilled a stone mortar used with entirely. This ride, find dabudui, this is another odd stone house.

  ”Ma yan and six Qi“ the last odd thing rocks. Ma Yan Shilin, different stand people like beast, lifelike. By a strange rock formation nearly, more famous day Moon, double Xiong Dengfeng, immortal ferry, golden rooster Crow deep love, mother and child, Maitreya study on lecture, Dragon King, Dragon Tiger beads, drunken Li Bai, Noah's Ark, the 18 Arhats in the South China Sea, and so on, today will no longer describe until you have the opportunity to come to the horse when Jen qifeng and savor.