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  Members visitors friends Hello! I was Anhui travel agency tour guide girl Wang Ping, is also the tourist activities to accompany. To me, is the driver of this tourist master Wang. He has over ten years of driving experience, you can be assured of our traffic safety on the road. OK, please check your things have fallen down, put away your luggage, don't let it fall down. We prepare, we are about to start.

  Well now that the car has started, motion sickness, visitors here are plastic, they try not to look out of the window. From here to the industrial park, Chery needs for about half an hour, will arrive soon. During this period of time I introduce you briefly to visit attractions, okay?

  Chery Chery Automobile company limited industrial park is the national industry tourism demonstration sites. Chery Automobile Company Limited was incorporated on January 8, 1997, on December 18, 1999, the first Chery car to go offline. Then everyone will know when is his 1 millionth car rolled off it? August 22, 2007, which also marks the Chery achieved a “build brands through independent innovation” phase “through open innovation to create independent international famous brand” phase shift, to a full new era of internationalization.

  Chery Automobile Company Chery, Shui Chi, Wei-Lin, karry four brands, covering areas of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and cars. At present, Chery has 15 series and dozens of models on the market, dozens of other reserve models will be listed one after another. Chery to “safe, energy-saving and environment protection” product requirements, has passed ISO9001, Germany Rhine company ISO/TS16949 international quality system certification. For many years, with “zero defect” to target's Chery products are favored by consumers, by 2008 vehicle sales 35. 60,000 vehicles, 13 export products. 570,000 vehicles, for 8 consecutive years China's independent brand sales champion, is China's largest passenger car exporter.

  Chery logo is composed of two parts, the upper part consists of three letters “CAC” combine to form. Flag middle of English letters a,, for Chinese people words of art deformation body, meaning Chery company people of thought and management concept; flag on both sides of English “c” up around, like people of two arm, symbol with a solidarity of forces, and two a British text line “c” around forming of oval above disconnect, up extends, meaning Chery company development infinite, potential unlimited.

  Lower part are included in the English word happy CHEERY it evolved, the products that sell Chery to make consumers happy, less a letter e in design, shows that Chery will never be satisfied with the status quo, always seeking the highest goals of the determination.

  Chery has currently two car plants, the first car plant produces A5 series, new series, the second son of the factory mainly produces passenger car QQ, Oriental, Tiger, V5 four series: third passenger car plant is weapons-building, will be fully used mainly in the production of Chery new products, when Chery assembling production capacity will amount to 1 million vehicles a year.

  Workshop covers an area of 50,000 square meters, grid structure, sealed air conditioning to ensure the stability of high-precision equipment in a clean environment. Mainly include stamping shop, welding shop, paint shop, Assembly shop, and the engine manufacturing plant, today we mainly see Assembly shop and engine manufacturing plant.

  Chery advantageous geographical conditions of the industrial park, located in the State-level economic and technological development zone-the Wuhu economic and technological development zone, located in the Yangtze River Bridge in junction with national highway 205, watery blue reaching far beyond the horizon of FENGMING Lake to the East, South, only major new theme park in China-Wuhu special joy to the world, West near the mighty Yangtze River, North of beautiful four Brown mountain and Tianmen mountain scenic area in a line. This is undoubtedly “Chery innovation journey” create good conditions.