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  Respect fellow guests:

  Hello! I travel, the reception department's request, visits the tour to presence famous city Qufu fellow welcome guests to express warmly welcome. I fortunately accompany the visit for everybody tourguide, is extremely happy, this is we enjoys the study together the good opportunity. After looked please leave behind the valued suggestion.

  First, briefly introduces Qufu to everybody the history, the cultural relic survey.

  Historical city Qufu was our country ancient times the great thinker, the educationalist, the statesman, the literature entire manages family affairs, sage of Kong Zi's the world hometown, Mencius's native place, Chinese nation's first ancestor shaft Yellow Emperor's birth place, the capital, discussed the Yin native country, the Lu country capital. Three emperors five emperors have four to live the practical training in here, some more than 5,000 years history. Underground has the rich buried treasure, on has the multitudinous cultural relic. Existing cultural relic 112, including the United Nations to protect the unit, world culture inheritance 3, national protection 4, provincial level 12, other for place city level protection.

  Heavy center seriously has "a three two temples mausoleum", "a three mountains two forests temple". The Confucian temple, Confucian Residence, Konglin, the popular name "three", have the sacrificial offering China Yuan saint Duke of Zhou's temple, has sacrificial offering Kong Zi first big disciple duplicate saint Yan Hui the temple, the popular name "two temples"; "A mausoleum" is Yellow Emperor is born - - the long-lived earthen mound few mausoleums; "Three mountains"; The Kong Zi place of birth Nepal mountain, Chinese grave group Jiulongshan, small Taishan - - nine . Two forests are: The world educates the child best mother forest, the Kong Zi parents buries Liang Gonglin; "A temple" is Li Bai, Du Fu writes poetry, responds, bidding good-bye place, famous writer hole still no matter what national botanical garden "Shimen temple".

  We now look at the Confucian temple.

  Confucian temple, also called to the Confucian temple, is sacrificial offering Kong Zi and its Madame Qi Guanshi and 72 talented people's place. The Confucian temple with Beijing's Imperial Palace, the Hebei Chende city summer vacation mountain village and calls Chinese three big ancient architectural complexes. The expert delivered four speeches to the Confucian temple: The construction time most remote, greatest, the preservation most complete, the Eastern construction characteristic is most prominent. Is worthy of looking at two questions from the Confucian temple: One is Kong Zi to Chinese and even the Eastern culture tremendous contribution; Two is China has the skilled craftsman in the history.

  The Confucian temple beginning constructs in 478 B.C., the second year which Kong Zi died constructs the temple. Constructs temple three in the Kong Zi former dwelling, exhibits Kong Zi's clothes, the vehicle, the book and so on, "when year old offers sacrifices". All previous dynasties emperor all has the extension to the Confucian temple, counts overhaul 15, center repairs 31 times, the minor repair several hundred time achieves present the scale. The Confucian temple imitates system of the imperial palace construction, divides three groups layouts, nine courtyards, have altogether had house 466, gate pavilion 54, the thing relatively pass through in an axle wire, has nearly thousand, 327.5 Chinese acres, long amounts to two Chinese miles 150 meters. Now saw the Confucian temple is the bright Hongzhi year scale. After the liberation the country allocates funds to service the protection many times. Our country first batch announcement nation key cultural relic preservation organ, in December, 1994 included the world culture inheritance, becomes cultural relic unit which the United Nations protected, Confucian temple construction time remote, scale great, integrity of the preserved really was the world to be rare.

  Shinto. "Wan Rengong wall" front copal vigorous this Duan Luwei "Shinto". In front of the important temple all has the respect quick road which specially opens, is called "Shinto".

  Wan Rengong wall. This gate is Qufu Ming Chengzheng the Nanmen, also is the Confucian temple together gate, on hangs "Wan Rengong the wall" four large brush-written Chinese characters, is the clear Emperor Qian Long's imperial brush. It originates from the Kong Zi self-satisfied disciple child tribute. When Lu country congress feudal lord, some people proposed child tribute knowledge broad and profound, may place on a par with Kong Zi, the sub- tribute in the field, stands up immediately said, I may not dare with my Mr./Mrs. Kong Zi compared to, human's knowledge is just like a wall, my this wall only has one high, my teacher's wall has the number to be many. Meant that, my knowledge was equal to a shoulder chief is high, clear not any abstruse; Kong Zi's knowledge has my several fold to be many, passes through the detailed research, the comprehensive discussion, can understand he complete after, crossed the threshold, can see America of the ancestor temple, outside the gate you is blind. The posterity in order to describe Kong Zi's knowledge profound, wall of number from the master , "hundred ", "thousand " seals Kong Zi to the Ming Dynasty emperor is "the world civil official host, all previous dynasties king teacher", seals the Kong Zi knowledge to have "ten thousand ", extols the Kong Zi knowledge to have 10,000 eight feet, upward looked, blind goes against, also said this wall deep wall high rampart is extremely firm. These four characters originally write for the bright imperial envoy, Qian Long for expressed he Kong Zi the value, kissed the book "Wan Rengong the wall" to exchange his imperial brush.

  Jin Shengyu inspires the work place. This work place constructs at the Ming Dynasty, is expresses the Kong Zi knowledge exquisite and perfect, is similar to entire process which plays music, the integrity is from beginning to end complete. The ancient music is by strikes a gong the start, the clock gets up "beginning orderliness also", is strikes Qing to come to an end, "the jade inspires" the sound which falls for Qing, was called "end orderliness also", praises Kong Zi's knowledge is the collection first accomplishing of the virtuous sages, therefore called "Jin Shenger the jade inspires also", "the golden sound" the clock sound, the beginning, "the jade inspires" Qing's sound, the end. This also is the management wants "to finish what one starts" the idiom origin. "Jin Shengyu inspires" is the Ming Dynasty storytelling legalist school Hu Zuanzong the topic decides.

  "Two cypress take on". Crosses the jade to inspire work place this stone arch bridge, the thing respectively has a copal, therefore the person "two cypress take on". This bridge said that, "泮 the water bridge" the basin water is interlinked with the temporary palace nearby, because the historical novel is "hopes the water". In the past read book of the Confucius and Mencius, tested the institute of higher education to call "to enter hopes", served as an official hopes rises high, made business to hope gets rich, crossed the day to hope prosperously.

  Discontinues the tablet. Outside the temple wall the thing respectively sets up a stele, in 1191 specially vertical discontinued the tablet, got down the tablet. The west tablet early destroys, east side on this tablet writes "the official person to discontinue and so on to this". Under in the past the civil and military officials, the common people common people henceforth passed by discontinue on foot but the line, shows to Kong Zi, the Confucian temple respect.

  Lattice star gate. The Ming Dynasty constructs, in 1754 repaired, by wooden changed the iron stone. "The lattice star gate" is the Qian Long imperial brush. Hands down the space galaxy "to have the twenty-eight lunar mansions", among, has to govern cultural the star to be called "the lattice star", the other name "Star ", "the day inspires the star", contacts with Kong Zi and the space tube culture star, Shuowen melts the aspect he is highest, if the past offered sacrifice to heaven, needed first to offer a sacrifice to "Star ", had reveres Kong Ruzun the day the view.

  Too with vitality work place. This work place was the Ming Dynasty in 1544 constructs, extremely approved Kong Zi's thought, advocated was similar to "the outer space universe to be able to nurture the myriad things. Gathering of the world, gathering of the four directions, gathering of the masculine and feminine elements ", the name" too and "the gas is the most basic thing, the universe too and, vitality of the world. "Too with the vitality" was the Shandong governor once the mill handwritten letter.

  To Confucian temple work place. The Ming Dynasty constructs "to the Confucian temple work place", is the white marble, on plays the part of the flame no. 3 gunpowder tea.

  German world, Daoist monk's cap ancient and modern. This Daoist temple thing respectively constructs a very unusual memorial arch to the lining, the wooden angle surrounds, thousand first ten thousand continues, gets down has eight , is called "day Long Shenshi", hands down its dignified inspiration, may drive out evilly, is just. East side the memorial arch submits a written statement: "The German world", said Kong Zi's thought advocated is similar to profoundly for humanity's advantage, the merit can compare with the world. The west memorial arch submits a written statement "the Daoist monk's cap ancient and modern", approves the Kong Zi thought, the means ancient and modern all is the unparalleled crown.

  When saint gate. Three compound, four circuit intendant all same, central . This naming originates from Mencius, to the ancient times four sages , under Iraqi Yin, the willow tree favored, Kong Zi, Mencius four sages' saint mark inductions is four speeches: clear saint also, Iraqi Yin saint no matter what also, under the willow tree favors sum of the saint also, when Kong Zi saint. "When saint" extremely approves the Kong Zi thought to advocate prolonged does not fade, is sage which suits the time. Emperor comes Qufu "to kowtow the big ritual" towards Kong Yaoxing, walks when the saint gate; All previous dynasties "spread out the saint male" when the birth opens "when the saint the gate", besides these two kind of situations, this not easily opens. All walks the quick G gate, the supine wealthy and prominent family.

  The quick G gate, takes considers it a pleasure to be among the first to read meaning. Kong Zi's knowledge "the Five Classics four books", who first studies who first to have the culture, who first studies who first to have the knowledge, struggles the study, to first reads as by the foresight joyfully.

  Supine wealthy and prominent family. Praises a Kong Zi's section of speeches naming according to Yan Hui. Yan Hui said that, road of the master, supine makes up high, drills it to make up firmly. Upwardly approves the Kong Zi knowledge blind to go against, calls "to make up high", studies the writings in classical style to be very difficult, calls "to make up firmly", is high is not unattainable, is definitely may learn after the endeavor. Yan Hui said "master however, friendly are attractive, is abundant I by the article, said me by the ritual." My teacher teaches with skill and patience, teaches me by the culture, executes me by the courtesy.

  Chinese . In the supine wealthy and prominent family in the alcove has two historical values very high Chinese , is "the pavilion is long", , dying of the government office gate, all is in front of Lu Wangmu guards. is taken by all previous dynasties inscription on stone tablet and bronze scientist, to studies the Han Dynasty clothing and the writing has the important value.

  Liquid gold bridge, this bridge, with Imperial Palace's in front of bridge of the same name, calls the liquid gold bridge, also is called the blue water bridge, three arrangements, the green water ripples.

  Great road gate. Crosses the liquid gold bridge is the Ming Dynasty emperor ordered by the emperor personally "the great road gate", takes "Confucian analects" center "the person to be able greatly to say, non- road great person" meaning. Kong Zi is an ordinary writer, why becomes the sage? Approved Kong Zi to summarize first the virtuous sages' experience, especially has brought honor to the Yao and Shun soup, road of the civil and military Duke of Zhou. "The person can greatly say that, said the person can direct creates all, the non- road great person, certainly is not all direction people, this is praises person's subjective initiative." The great road hanger-on had two steles, the east side four tablets is "the Qufu all previous dynasties evolution will" has recorded the Qufu evolution vicissitude history, a Yuan generation of institute stood, the historical data value was very high, the west was "scholar out of government employment gentleman the inscription", had the very high calligraphy value.

  Major and medium gate. The major and medium gate is the Song Dynasty Confucian temple front door, was called "center and the gate", Italy for uses Kong Zi's thought processing question all to be possible to be easily solved. The the Ming Dynasty extension temple renames "the major and medium gate", approves Kong Zi's knowledge is accomplishing of the collection humanity knowledge, center, takes "the doctrine of the mean" meaning, "center correct path of the world, theorem of the commonplace world", center the agonic, is commonplace is not easy. Leaves, is not the correct path, has become the evil road, the crooked gate. Is said is not left is not right, the fair correct path, to front is a doctrine of the mean. Major and medium gate thing two have watchtower two is guards the Confucian temple to use.

  Same text gate, four big name brands, Confucian temple chart. Enters in the major and medium gate about to have four big tablets. The west bright Hongzhi tablet, says three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues ethics. Right flank the Hongzhi tablet has the the Ming Dynasty talented person Hunan Changsha Li Dongyang to draw up "the Confucian temple chart" the value to be very high.

  The Cheng Hua tablet, is the Ming Dynasty Cheng Hua Emperor Zhu Jianshen stands. Some two situations bring to all previous dynasties everybody celebrity's attention. One is the Cheng Hua tablet character writes, the standardization, the standardization well, exquisitely makes the person, the typeface writing technique to have "is world-famous" the evaluation; Two, appraises to Kong Zi high, all previous dynasties emperor all has the comment to Kong Zi, appraises high is Emperor Cheng Hua, he Kong Zi's thought, the means compares with eats meal, puts on the clothes, spends, one day also could not leave, had Kong Zi's truth and the means, could enable each person to develop his talents, thing it used, its strength, otherwise messed up. Said has road of the Kong Zi to have the world, road of the Kong Zi has not had the world, road of the counter- Kong Zi loses the world. If the inscribed text stated that, "Road of the my only Kong Zi, the world on first cannot not have , has road of the Kong Zi then the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues but ethics is just bright, the myriad things take their proper place.. Road of the Kong Zi in the world like cloth , the livelihood of the people daily expense cannot be left vacant for the time being.. Inborn Kong Zi vertical is the saint, lives in the peaceful good justice and humanity, the teacher road emerges, from swims 3000, is continues."

  Same text gate. Takes "the person concentriily" meaning of the character same text. Is says works with concerted efforts, unites as one the only then competent good deed industry; The writing must unify, has the unification the writing to be able to record the historical dissemination experience, makes the character to be able at will to mess up. The same text gate is the Kuiwen Geqian important barrier.

  The Kui article Chinese style pavilion, originally is a library, is the collection books place. Constructed to Song Tianxi two years , Jin Zhangzong repaired when changed "the Kui article Chinese style pavilion". This unique grand construction, completely is the lignin structure, calls the orphaned example in the Chinese building construction. After several earthquakes, the Kui article Chinese style pavilion has not shaken destroys. The clear Kanghsi 5 years earthquake "ten houses but actually have nine, saving has one, the Kui article Chinese style pavilion is gorgeously motionless". The the Ming Dynasty board of personnel Shangshu Li Dongyang has specially written "Kuiwen Gefu", approves Kuiwen Ge the construction research value. Is under the porch eastern end this tablet.

  In front of the pavilion this thing two courtyards stated that, "The room sleeps", is place which the sacrificial offering personnel fasts, to bathe. East the courtyard is spreads out the saint male room to sleep the institute, clear Kanghsi, Qian Long offers a sacrifice to when the hole all sleeps in the east room washes the hands and face. West the courtyard is from offers a sacrifice to personnel's room to sleep. Kong Zi 71 generation of Sun Kongzhao fumigates the temple in Song, Yuan, is bright, the clear five dynasty does obeisance the Confucian temple tablet more than 130 centralisms to mount in the courtyard wall, therefore west the room sleeps calls the tablet courtyard.

  13 tablets pavilions. This is the Confucian temple sixth enters the courtyard, in the pavilion stands has 55 tablets, is Tang, Song, the gold, Yuan, bright, clear and so on the dynasty stands, its content all is emperor, the imperial envoy does obeisance the hole, to Kong Zi , the appraisal, successively repairs the Confucian temple the record, has the Chinese, is full, Mongolia, eight thinks writing and so on Pakistan article. South north eights five, therefore calls 13 tablets pavilions, because all is authorizes the vertical tablet by emperor, therefore calls the imperial tablet pavilion. East gets up the front row third, 62 alcoves is the Jin Dynasty constructs, is construction which our country extant cannot be seen. Every is seeks with P the edict reason all calls "the imperial tablet". "P pen Qiang is auspicious, fable Dragon King has nine, it is 8th, it loves" the article ", is good at carrying a heavy load, the stele has the writing but heavily to suit its characteristic, the image should for the main item, the turtle body, the hawk leg, the snake tail.

  North east gets up this third alcove is Emperor Kanghsi the vertical tablet. The Beijing Xishan picks the stone passes through Grand Canal, south the economy transports here. The expert calculates this tablet 130,000 catty heavy, along the way sprinkled the hydrogel from Jining, slid on the ice, sometimes one day only walked lies place of the cow. The Qufu book has the stone not to use, must ship in from Beijing, shows emperor to Kong Zi the value. Southeast this courtyard, west Namhkok has a piece all is nobles and ministers repairs the temple, does obeisance the hole the record, the calligraphy value is very high.

  This courtyard thing respectively has to the lining, east is "the Yu essence gate", west is "the view Germany gate". Is named , the Xihua gate.

  The Confucian temple divides into three groups layouts by here, this five, center are together "accomplishes the gate", left side is "the gold 声门", right side is "the jade inspires the gate", again is "opens Confucianism" toward the west, again is "receives Confucianism" toward the east. Accomplishes the gate the construction structure is , manipulates strategically". Middle inserts is "cancels the heart", about four jiao points look carefully go against are "fight the angle". Accomplishes the gate three characters is Emperor Yong Zheng's imperial brush. Approves Kong Zi is the collection sages first virtuous accomplishing, has achieved the supreme boundary.

  My deceased teacher plants personally the Chinese juniper. Accomplishes in the gate left side this tall and straight vigorous Chinese juniper tree, is Confucius plants personally. According to record: Kong Zi cut three Chinese junipers trees in here, Jin Zhenyou two years has destroyed to the warfare, the tree is dry and also sends new, once "three dry three glory", had "the Chinese juniper tree date cyclopentadiene Kong date was popular" the view. During bright ten thousand all previous years talented person Yang Guang taught the topic to write "my deceased teacher to plant personally the Chinese juniper" five large brush-written Chinese characters.

  Two corridors. During these two sides coordinated two row of houses, altogether 80, were called "the thing ", consecrates 72 talented people's places. Kong Zi is known as disciple 3000, the body passes 72 people which the six arts skilleds with both the pen and sword, consecrates in the thing . All previous dynasties kings all have seal match enjoy virtuously first. If Dong Zhongshu, Han Yu, Wang Ming are positive, Zhuge Liang, the invader, Yue Fei and so on. Has sealed to to 156. Last first virtuous is Mr. Liang Qichao. The original cast, the memorial tablet, latter all changes the wooden memorial tablet. The thing present exhibited is the collection Song Dynasty before center expensive carved stone. Duke of Zhou trains one's son, the bat practices medicine and so on, the most precious national treasure has Chinese Wei to face stele carving 22 especially high, the calligraphy value "the sacrificial vessel tablet", "the second grade beautiful jade tablet", "Shi Chenbei", Zhang Menglong the tablet ", Mi Fubei" and so on all is the rare valuable thing. West 庑 exhibited more than 100 blocks "the Chinese to draw the carved stone", all was for a long time has the great reputation the artistic valuable thing, was studies the Chinese, Wei and so on the history social life rare precious material. East northmost part is exhibiting 584 carved stone, is jade rainbow Lou Fatie which Kong Zi 69 generation of Sun Kongji writes.

  Place where Confucius lectured. This is for commemorates Kong Zi to lecture constructs. Kong Zi initially was under the big apricot tree lectures in the local station for the disciples. When Song Dynasty in 1018, the Kong Zi 45 generation of passageways auxiliary edited the Confucian temple, after moved the extension the main hall, constructed the pavilion in the main hall former site, the link plants by the apricot, the name says "the place where Confucius lectured". The place where Confucius lectured two characters, are the Jin Dynasty famous writer party bosom England seal scripts. In the pavilion has Emperor Qian Long the imperial brush "the place where Confucius lectured to approve", this is he first time comes Qufu to write. Qian Long writes the plaque, the antithetical couplet, the scroll which writes and so on in Qufu has 50 place.

  Accomplishes the palace. This is the Confucian temple , it with Beijing's Imperial Palace too with palace, the Tai'an day palace and calls the East three big constructions, also calls the East three main halls. What the value high history is long accomplishes the palace. Palace height 24.8 meters, extravagant 45.7 meters, deep 24.89 meters. Four has 28 the dragon column which carves with the entire stone, the exquisite workmanship, the attainments is very deep. Especially the palace 10 deep reliefs roll the dragon column actually world rarely, 10 pillars 20 dragons, about to fly in circles, the ascension coils around a play bead, the manner respectively differently, does not have one identically, more looked more has moves Italy, on the stone is vividly lifelike. This is the Huizhou artisan's masterpiece. Emperor comes when Qufu faces the hole, Kong Jia all use Huang Lingba long Zhuguo to get up, does not let emperor directly see the dragon column, because has surpassed the throne room, feared emperor is not happy, performs to blame. Other 18 columns are the bas-relief dragon column, surface engraves nine dragons, each pillar eight , 8,972 dragons total carve 1,296 dragons. This is the rare carved stone art treasure. Always looks at accomplishes the palace grand magnificent sight.

  Five saints 12 sages. Accomplishes in the palace to consecrate 17 pictures.

  Five big sages. Highest sage Kong Zi, Italy is in sage's sage, supreme. Confucius in central, the head wears 12 crowns, wears 12 chapter of kings to take, grasps shakes the jade tablet, dignified is solemn and respectful, causes the person to have profound respect for. Two sides are four match: East side is the duplicate saint face, states the saint to think; The west is ancestor saint Tsengtzu, Mencius. Eastern end six, western end six, called 12 sages, have the child tribute, the sub- road, Ran Qiu and so on 11 Kong Zi's disciple, some is Song Dynasty Zhu Xi, renowned Five Classics four books explanations good, is sealed as the sage. "The people has not had" the plaque, is Mencius approves Kong Zi, said "the people has not had abundantly to Kong Zi also". Since has had the humanity, but also does not have comprehensively to surpass Kong Zi the person, therefore calls "the people not to have". "The model for all generations" will be the Kanghsi topic writes, seals Kong Zi is "teacher of Emperor the Wan Shi, table of the eternity humanity, emperor's teacher, will make person's model." "Refined is Guang Xu writes in this", Italy for world culture all in here.

  Bedroom palace. Consecrates the Kong Zi Madame Qi Guanshi special palace. Is the Confucian temple third big construction. Qi Guanshi the song person , 19 years old marry Kong Zi, latter gives birth to a boy the hole carp , early the Kong Zi 7 years died, are sealed "highest sage my deceased teacher madame", equally enjoy the sacrificial offering with Kong Zi. Around the bedroom palace on 28 stone columns carves the phoenix, each pillar engraves phoenix 72, is same with the dragon quantity, calls Longfeng to be a good omen.

  Saint mark palace. Has recorded Kong Zi's fact by the carved stone picture-and-story book form. Some 120 Wen Tu and the cyclopentadiene carved stone, is the Kong Zi descendant with the the Ming Dynasty governor censor what light management construction. Carves by the Wu county famous picture labor chapter of grass drawing, inlays on the palace inner wall. Is integrity picture-and-story book which the our country first person, the article concurrently has. Has the very high history and the artistic value. The palace frontage "the model for all generations" is the Kanghsi imperial brush, center Kong Zi big Si Guanxiang is the Tang Dynasty big painter Wu line picture. The palace eastern end is Kanghsi faces the hole the imperial tablet, the western end has the Jin synonym painter to attend to picture of the Joy Kong Zi line to teach the picture, the custom called "master 小影" most approach Kong Zi's appearance characteristic. Also has Song Dynasty everybody Mi Fu to approve Kong Zi's small seal script: "Kong Zi Kong Zi big ah Kong Zi, sub- before will already not have Kong Zi, Kong Zi later does not have Kong Zi, Kong Zi Kong Zi big ah Kong Zi". Explicit saying, Kong Zi is great! Unequalled,

  The Confucian temple west road is the sacrifice Kong Zi parents' place. His/her father Uncle Liang 纥, mother Yan Zheng in, emperor seals for opens saint Madame Wang Heqi saint Wang, constructs has opens construction and so on saint Wang Dian, bedroom palace, gold thread hall.

  The Confucian temple east road, around two parts, the front courtyard is the Kong Zi former dwelling, has "Kong Zhaigu the well", Kong Zi nine generation of Sun Kongfu book collection place "the Lu wall", now saw the Confucian classics, sets up the first-class honor should is "the Lu wall". For commemorated Kong Zi to educate its sub- studies has constructed "the poem assembly hall", Kong Zi said "study the poem did not have by the word, the character ritual did not have stands", Italy could not speak for study the poem, study the ritual did not understand how set up the body matter. In the poem assembly hall has renowned sculptor Mr. Shi Ke to make by cutting imitates the Chinese to draw the carved stone "the saint mark chart". The rear court is honors the saint ancestral hall, five generation of ancestral halls, on sacrificial offering Kong Zi five generation of ancestors' ancestral temples.

  Fellow gentlemen, the Confucian temple resembles historical, the knowledge school, because the time is limited, we only looked mainly, I am the distress must introduce. Kong Zi is the sage, also is the great traveling, travels around the row country for 14 years, propagandizes him to practice moral culture, Qi Jia, rules a nation the even world knowledge, has collected the precious material. The concerned sage's vestige are very many, is worth as soon as looking very much. We are together the time although to be short, but the friendship exists forever, hoped each position has the opportunity to come Qufu to go sightseeing again, we certainly serve well.

  The Confucian temple saw here, thanks everybody the cooperation, welcome you again.