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  Fellow friends: Hello! Toured the Dali old city, initially has feltthis humanities landscape profoundness; Now we watch the CangshanErhai, understands the Dali's America of scenery.

  First, we ride the yacht to go to the Erhai park. The Erhai park othername group mountain park, is l ocated the Hsiakuan city northeast 2kilometers place groups mountains. North it near ocean waves Wan QingErhai, west and Cangshan SouthEnd setting sun peak relative. WhenNanzhao country, here is king's deer park. In 1976 here newly wardedoff for the park, Occupiesdi 1,600 Chinese acres. On the mountain has thezoo and the plant nursery flower-bed, broadly plants the Dali areaeach kind of precious flower different plant, is very good rests placeof the tour.

  Now the pleasure boat to the Erhai park near the sea causeway, we cameashore to the ship, this is under the group foot of a hill Binhai tourarea along 270 multistage stone steps AscendsLevel on, we arrive the summit.Everybody looked that, this Curls upwardsAngle upturned eave pavilion is looks thesea building, the eave hangs from above the plaque, submits a writtenstatement: Jade Er silver dark green ", the black bottom goldcharacter, vigorous is classically elegant, it is the Chinese inadmiration of somebody's fame painter Wu Zuoren's writing skill. Looksthe sea building is understands "the jade Er silver dark green"happiest extent, leans against a railing looks out into the distance:East side Erhai vast, boundless, west Cangshan is continuous,luxuriant is gray.

  Fellow friends, let us go on board once more, roams through to Erhaiin. But I first must to everybody introduction be actually amCangshan. Formerly, we in the Dali city, under on the dark green footof a hill road, have not been able to look at carefully the Cangshangrand appearance well. Just like the ancient said "does not know thetruth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"; Looks thesea building in the Erhai park, the angle of view Inclines, also onlycan see the Cangshan terminal. Now, unceasingly leads the way alongwith the pleasure boat, in our eye Cangshan is not clearer? Somepeople said that, a Hengduan pulse condition great arm, the plateau extended west Yunnan from "the roof of the world" to thesouth, Cangshan was in this world famous sierra a cloud range branch.

  Cangshan, also names the Diancang, is green because of its mountaincolor, the mountain apex acquires fame in vain. Cangshan altogetherhas 19 peaks. This 19 peaks from the north to the south order are: Thecloud makes, green, five, the lotus flower, the white clouds, thecrane cloud, three positive, the blue peak, the snowman, should behappy, the Goddess of Mercy, center and, Longquan, the jade bureau,Malone, the saint should, Buddha go against, Ma Er, the setting sun.In 19 peaks, the Malone peak is highest, elevation 4,122 meters. TheCangshan 19 peaks, two peaks clamp a brook, altogether 18 brooks; Eastthe mountain stream flows, pours into Erhai, 18 brooks from north tosouth, the base arrangement is: South the rosy cloud moves, Wan Hua,the positive brook, the awn wells up, the brocade brook, the spiritspring, the white stone, the double mandarin duck, hides the immortal,Mei Xi, the peach brook, center the brook, the emerald, Longxi, clearblue, remnant, Pavilion mouth, is not positive.

  The Cangshan scenery by the snow, the cloud, SpringStone is famous. I firstintroduce Cangshan to everybody the snow. After the summer needlessCangshan snow, is Dali "the love affair" four given names scenery. Thesnow white Cangshan snow, all previous dynasties article literatiapproves the refined language quite a lot, the folklore also many. Thethe Ming Dynasty writer Li Yuanyang once praised: "Date Li Cangshansnow, Precioustai 19 peaks".

  Cangshan's cloud is the famous biography is far and wide. The cloudgathers the cloud to disperse, sometimes the pale like light smoke,sometimes is thick like splashes ink. In fluctuates varied 云景center, what is most mysterious is "looks the husband cloud" and "thejade belt cloud". So-called "looks the husband cloud" is referswhenever the winter spring the season, the Cangshan jade bureau peakregular meeting appears a lonely cloud, suddenly remembers suddenlyfalls, about flutters, if hoped if attends to. Unusual occupying to anits appearance, the Diancang then suddenly gets up the storm, blows toErhai. So-called "jade belt cloud", is refers whenever at the end ofthe summer FallInitially, After rainFirst clear, between the Cangshan 19 peakshalfways up the mountainside often can appear white clouds, the cloudsGathersCollects, slowly pulls open, if the pure white jade belt horizontallyties the green mountainside. Is continuous dozens of miles,unexpectedly the date does not dissipate. Marvelous is, "the jade beltcloud" meets the omen agriculture abundant harvest: It appears thenumber of times to be many, same year on good crop weather. Local Painationality has the farmer's proverb: "Cangshan is the jade belt, thehungry dog eats the rice".

  Cangshan's spring very is also famous. In 19 peaks the elevation hasmany mountains moraine lake in 3,800 meter above peak, this is thequaternary period glacier stays behind. Also has that 18 brooks themountain stream, flies the waterfall to fold the spring, the fourseasons rushes down, in under clear sweet water seepage nourishing,Cangshan fills the vitality. The moraine lakeside, the densely coveredvirgin forest and many precious forests, the strange flowers andplants, specially should tell everybody are, Cangshan's flowers andplants already fine reputation far broadcasts, moreover it also causesCangshan to be famous far and wide. American Professor Luo Lancasteronce said that, "Has 1000000 in US to know the Chinese Yunnan the DaliCangshan, because they all plant have many beautiful Dali Cangshan theIndian azalea."

  Cangshan's stone, renowned at home and abroad. Guo Moruo has "ChantsMarble" the poem: "Three towers 矜 are high ancient, along thinksLoyalView year. The Cangshan rhyme love affair, the wonderful stone spitsthe mist. Outside the heart, coolly lives ElbowArmpit. The day meritmanpower generation, the overseas compete the treasure biography."

  Cangshan has bred the marble, the marble is Cangshan's soul. This kindof magnificent wonderful stone, world many places all have, the aloneDali's most wonderful America, also opens the people early, therefore,world every this wonderful stone is called "the marble", "Dali" alsoraises the world because of Shi Erming.

  Fellow friends, our pleasure boat vanguard, now should introduce thisocean waves Wan Qing to everybody Erhai itself.

  Erhai, ancient name Kunming pond, Er river, Ye Yu Ze and so on;Because it resembles the person ear, therefore Erhai. Its north andsouth long 42 kilometers, the thing extends 3-9 kilometer, the lakewaterfront long 117 kilometers, the area more than 250 squarekilometers; The hydraulic mean depth 10.5 meters, the deepest 21.5meters, the water-holding capacity 2.88 billion cubic meters, the areaand the water-holding capacity arrange in order the Yunnan lakesecond, occupies seventh in the national fresh water lake.

  South Erhai has makes up the river and so on to pour into, WestNatriumthe Cangshan 18 mountain streams, east collect the Polo river, dig thecolor river, the south side west Er river are the only estuaries,after Ripplesred circles into Lanchan River. Erhai is the tectoniclake, the lake shore thing are many CliffWall, north southwest three arethe sandbars.

  Everybody looked, Erhai water depth limpid, if the non- flaw beautifuljade, is beautiful incomparably, it is welcome each position by thebroad mind to come from the distant place guest. Erhai is the Chinafamous high land moor, as early as it has carried the annals in theHan Dynasty.

  "Er SeaMonth" is Dali one of four given names scenery. If goes boatingErhai in the lunar calendar ten in May bright nights, its monthespecially bright, especially circle, its scenery elated: In thewater, the month circle like wheel, floats the light to swing thegold; The sky, the jade mirror high hangs, the clear splendor isshining, the bath leaves from Erhai. Looks that, looks, the water andsky shines, you unexpectedly cannot distinguish clearly are the daymonth fall the sea, or SeaMonth ascends to heaven. Is Er SeaMonth so whybright? The scientific conclusion is: First, Erhai water qualityspecially pure, the transparency is quite high, its reflection greatlystrengthened; Second, Erhai sea level dust less, air fresh, causes thewater and sky to serve as contrast, the moonlight is brighter. Inaddition, Er SeaMonth is famous, but also lies in the pure white non-flaw the Cangshan snow to produce an inverted image in Erhai, SeaMonthenhances one another's beauty with as pure as driven snow Er, aconstitution silver dark green jade Er's big marvelous sight.

  With the Cangshan snow, the Er SeaMonth connected Dali four given namesscenery also have Guan Hua, the Hsiakuan wind. Between Erhai andCangshan's dam, is a long shape silting alluviation plain. WhenNanzhao country, nearby two respectively builds a xiaocheng in thisstrip north and south, holds the important location, defends the kingsall safety. North name Long Shouguan, also called closes; Southernregion name Dragon's Tail pass, at once Hsiakuan. On so-called closesthe flower, is refers closes "ten mile fragrant wonderful tree", thisflower originally shapings the street and Shan Sinei in on pass, itsflowered big like lotus, the year opens several hundred, the fragranceoverflows the four directions, the flower opens the season, the viewlike cloud. Also therefore the tree ties the husk to be firm, may dofaces the bead, therefore the flower called "faces the pearl headornament". Afterwards, this flower vanished. The first years, somepeople had it is said found it in the Cangshan forest. West theHsiakuan wind refers to the Er river valley to inject Hsiakuan thewind, continues all year long, You takedong as is spring abundant, youas soon as enter Hsiakuan to be allowed to feel the Hsiakuan wind theexistence. It roars nearly every day, sweeps the street to put on thelane, holds up the bottom of garment uncovers the hat, caused Hsiakuanobtained "the wind city" the nickname.

  Dali's love affair four given names scenery, has poem its string inthe same place, is advantageous for remembered, also quite has theappeal: The Hsiakuan wind, on closes the flower, the Hsiakuan windblows closes the flower; Cangshan snow, Er SeaMonth, Er SeaMonth accordingto Cangshan snow. Speaks of here, asks each position to look our Painationality girls embroider flowered Baotou. You might not despise it,it have manifested the Dali four given names scenery. Please lookedthat, The breeze blows, nearby the ear snow white 缨Ear with the windfloatingly sprinkled, has appeared Hsiakuan's wind; In Baotou gorgeousflowers, has represented the flower which on closes; The peak this iswhite 茸茸 SilkHead, looked by far likes Cangshan the snow; The entireBaotou's shape same bright is moving on like Erhai's in crescent moon.